Current list of Committees & Campaigns:

  • Structural Committees:
    • Steering Committee
    • Membership Outreach Committee
    • Messaging Committee
  • Issue-Based Committees:
    • Education Committee
    • Electoral Politics Committee
    • Labor Committee
    • Socialist Feminist Committee
    • Healthcare Committee
    • Solidarity Economy Committee
    • Racial Justice Committee
  • Action Campaigns:
    • Public Transit Campaign


Don’t see where you can fit in with DSA?


Membership Outreach Committee

We need you in order to build a democratic socialist movement from the ground up.

What you can do:

Assist in recruiting and engaging members.

Get involved:

✓ DSA General Membership Meeting

✓ Tell us you want to join the Membership Outreach team.



Education Committee

Provides a space for learning about the systems of exploitation and oppression that we are fighting to overthrow and discussing the new world we want to create.
What you can do:

Attend the monthly reading group.
Volunteer to facilitate a discussion.

Get involved:

✓ Reading Group



Labor Committee

Grow democratic workplaces and worker control through solidarity organizing with local labor campaigns and developing education on organizing in the workplace.

What you can do:

We need new members to step in! Are you in a union? Do you have experience or interest in worker organizing? Let us know!

Get involved:

✓ Tell us you want to join the Labor team.

Contact: Attn: Labor


Socialist Feminist Committee

Take action on issues facing women+, explore the application of a socialist feminist analysis, and work on inclusion of women+ in the DSA.

What can you do:

Join our mailing list.

Attend a monthly meeting.

Get involved:



Healthcare Committee

Fight to reform the healthcare system. Work closely with DSA National and Single-Payer Action Network (SPAN) – Ohio.

What you can do:

Attend a SPAN meeting.

Contact your reps and ask them to endorse healthcare bills that work for the people.

Get involved:

✓ SPAN Regional Meeting

Cleveland Lead Safe Network

✓ Tell us you want to join the Healthcare team.



Electoral Politics Committee

Support democratic socialists and our members running for office and work on developing candidates for office.
What you can do:

Phone banking, writing postcards, literature drops, setting up events, canvassing, etc!

Get involved:

Contact: Attn: Electoral


Public Transit Campaign

DSA Cleveland is part of an ongoing movement to improve public transportation at the local and state levels. As we struggle with riders, we build class consciousness.
What you can do:

Canvass riders at bus stops.
Provide rideshare to monthly riders meetings.
Outreach to riders.

Get involved:

✓ Riders Meeting
✓ Riders Outreach

Contact: Attn: Chris


Don’t see where you can fit in with DSA?

There are many areas to build a movement against capitalism! Bring your suggestions and ideas.

Our chapter also needs more hands-on-deck for:

Messaging/Social Media
Legal Compliance for nonprofits and PAC’s

Contact to get more involved today!